Hagan Still Supports Canceling meme

Our 3 new TV spots are here. Share them now!

They are 30 second, made-for-TV, and are about Senators Kay Hagan (North Carolina), Mark Pryor (Arkansas), and Mark Udall (Colorado) who all still support ObamaCare and canceling your health plan. We also included our original spot about Mary Landrieu.

Each will run on internet ads in their respective states. However we will need financial support to run them on broadcast TV stations. If you want them to run on TV please make a donation HERE.

Watch all the TV spots by clicking on each below.

At the end of each video a phone number is provided to call the senator.  Call and ask the senator to change his or her position if you live in that respective state.

Remember to share with your friends and may God bless you, your family and our country.

Kay Hagan


Mark Udall


Mark Pryor


Mary Landrieu

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