Sign the Pledge

Sign the pledge to say NO to men in women’s bathrooms! Say NO to politicians who are pushing for this dangerous idea in your community.


Politicians like Hillary Clinton and many U.S. Senators like Michael Bennet of Colorado want men to use women’s bathrooms. Hillary Clinton encouraged Houston, Texas residents to vote for an ordinance that would have allowed this to happen.

Now, Hillary Clinton supports a Senate Bill and a House Resolution (S. 1858 and H.R. 3185,) that Michael Bennet and 40 other Senators and 173 House of Representative members co-sponsor (See Senate co-sponsors here: and House co-sponsors here: that will make this dangerous idea legal in your community!

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We can stop it together. Here’s how:
Help us air our TV spots exposing politicians who support men in women’s bathrooms. This will let the public know exactly who is behind this dangerous effort.

Watch our first 30 second TV spot below titled, “Hillary Clinton Wants Men to use Women’s Bathrooms”:

Help us by becoming a member today. CLICK HERE!


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