Things seem strange and experts seem unreliable.  A mask doesn’t work in March, but it saves lives in October and November.  Biologists disagree with biologists, virologists disagree with virologists and epidemiologists disagree with epidemiologists.  The survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.6%, but 97% of events (of which we are intimately familiar with) like conventions, consumer shows, trade shows and state fairs since March have been cancelled and are still cancelling into 2021 because of fear of the virus.  

The businesses and many laborers who rely on those events are mere days away from financial collapse.  Some of those businesses are already gone.  Many other business failures like restaurants are occurring too.  A bailout from Congress can’t save them and will prolong the cancellations and eventually kill off events because the businesses needs are too great for government help and the laborer is now overpaid by the government and does not need the financial reward the events provide as the government has given it to him and then some. Thus, he is disincentivised to work.  This already happened this year.  Events and all businesses and churches simply must be free to open. They will thrive again on their own if free.

2020 is an example of a year influenced by scientism. Some scientists are considering man only in terms of science and many politicians and media are obeying them while businesses fail or come nearer to failure. The laboring person loses hope as presidential candidate Joe Biden incompetently injects doubt into fully opening the country by predicting a dark winter and another shutdown. He did this because he is a totalitarian and is on the totalitarian spectrum. He keeps ideological company with some of the worst leaders in world history.

The only hope for the economic survival of business and the laborer as we know them is President Donald Trump’s re-election. He will continue to recognize that mankind in America has many needs that we must be free to meet without interference from government’s most weak and/or incompetent politicians and bureaucrats. Donald Trump is on the freedom spectrum. He is the enemy of the totalitarian. Iron Men like Donald Trump liberate persons from the concentration camp, the gulag and the internment camp of the totalitarian.

We will leave you with an excerpt from Viktor Frankl’s, The Will to Meaning below. He survived four concentration camps and was a neurologist and psychiatrist. His words will likely articulate what many Americans have been sensing and wanting to say out loud to some scientists, politicians and media members this year.

Read it. Speak it out loud. It’s true.

“What is dangerous is the attempt of a man who is an expert, say, in the field of biology, to understand and explain human beings exclusively in terms of biology.


The same is true of psychology and sociology as well.


At the moment at which totality is claimed, biology becomes biologism, psychology becomes psychologism and sociology becomes sociologism.


In other words, at that moment science is turned into ideology. What we have to deplore, I would say, is not that scientists are specializing, but that the specialists are generalizing.”

⁃ Viktor Frankl, The Will to Meaning 1969



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