Fr. Ed Meeks gave a Homily on October 11, 2020 you can watch on video titled, Staring Into the Abyss. In it he presented five things every Catholic should know about “Catholic” Joe Biden.

As we know, Joe Biden is not a devout Catholic, but a Formal Heretic. We also know Biden also promises to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortions if he is elected president.

The five things every Catholic needs to know about “Catholic” Joe Biden:
1. Joe Biden is unabashedly pro-abortion.
2. Joe Biden opposes the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of Marriage.
3. A Biden presidency would be a danger to our already dwindling religious liberty.
4. Although Joe Biden rejects the label of socialist. His presidency would undoubtedly open the door for America to very quickly become a socialist country.
5. Joe Biden’s positions on these four moral issues as a very high profile “Catholic”… serve to subvert and undermine the faith of nominal and poorly catechized Catholics…

Father Meeks also added, “The Democratic Party has become the party of death and “Catholic” Joe Biden is their standard bearer. Or as he said in the first presidential debate, “I am the Democratic Party.””

Watch and share the video of the Homily below.


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