Bobby Hesley has been making videos and giving his solid opinion on the current events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

In his 21 minute video titled, “Why you can’t support BLM” Bobby Hesley says,

“… I want to tell you why I as a black man cannot and will not support Black Lives Matter and why you shouldn’t either… They’re a communist organization. And as a Christian you have no business supporting Black Lives Matter. Especially as a Catholic Christian… the founders of Black Lives Matter are on record saying that they are trained marxists… As a Catholic you have no business supporting Black Lives Matter because the heart of marxism, the centerpiece of marxism is anti-Catholicism. And that’s why there are numerous papal encyclicals that have been written that have condemned, harshly condemned communism and marxism. Pope Leo XIII, Pope St. John Paul II. There’s all kinds of papal encyclicals that have rejected marxism and as a Catholic you should reject marxism too!”

The summary below is taken from the description of the video on Mr. Hesley’s YouTube channel:

“Does the Black Lives Matter organization really and truly care about black people or do they have a more sinister agenda destroy the black family?

And what about the Black Lives Matter hashtag that I see everyone using on social media?

Is it just a harmless little hashtag or does it have a more sinister meaning to it that I might be unaware?

Also, what is the “Ferguson Effect” and how has it negatively impacted the black community?

After you watch, like, and share this video, please be sure to read the article below…”
The Ferguson Effect Lives On

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You can watch Bobby Hesley’s other videos on current events on his YouTube channel here.

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